2023 registration for International riders ONLY, is open (follow the link):

34 years from the day that some “baskers” decided to go for a “long” ride!
From Athens to Sparta, via the mountains…
Via the presumed road that Phidipides took to bring the happy news to Spartans “The Persians are defeated!
For 33 years Spartakiada was scheduled on the first weekend of October. This year though, due to the Municipal Elections scheduled for the 1st and 2nd weekends of October, we moved our event two week earlier. So, on the 16th of September 2023 we will take the same road to celebrate the 34th anniversary edition of this unique race …

Last minute instructions and info for the 34th Spartakiada 2023

  • Due to the high number of participants please make sure to be there early on with enough time to spend for the technical control too, so we will avoid any unnecessary delays
  • The registration desk will OPEΝ at 06:30, and each participant must sign the Race Protocol and will receive an envelope that contains
    • their Racing Numbers
    • Race Card  
    • Food coupon for dinner to be used in one of the two restaurants of Sparta (“ΔΙΕΘΝΕΣ” or “ELYSSE”) These cards are limited to the number of the participant and you must not lose it
    • The Racing Card is used to record your passage and time from the Control Points as well as your finish time. At the finish line the Card will be scanned and must be signed by you
    • Racing Numbers MUST be placed on the back of the jersey left and right, exactly where the back pockets of the jersey are
    • Follow the rules of the traffic code
    • Use of the helmet is compulsory for ALL participants
    • We ALL follow any instructions given by the traffic police officers
    • Driving in the opposite traffic lane or ignoring the double-traffic line leads to a foreclosure penalty
    • All participants are required to know the route
    • Traffic Police officers (ΕΛ.ΑΣ.) are not competent to indicate the correct route.
  • Those who have request for a Support Vehicle must go to the secretariat to receive their car number, along with instructions, Saturday morning well before the start of the race. Any car without credential by P.E.P.A. will be escorted out of the race peloton, regardless of whether it is declared. Priority will be given according to the number of athletes that accompany and the type of car (e.g. jeeps, van)
  • Support cars must be at least 50 meters behind the cyclists even after the “free” sign from the Commissaire is given after Corinth, throughout the race and without hindering the course of other athletes or the flow of traffic. Athlete hindrance from an support car leads to the supported athlete’s penalty
  • Any athlete who needs a assistance from his/hers support car, should go to the back of the group, get what he/she needs from the support car, and then return to the group, or alternatively he/she takes what’s needed from a stationary position at the side of the road
  • The event is subject to the regulations of the Hellenic Cycling Federation and any P.E.P.A. special rules for the race. Any violation of the regulations results in the penalties set (disqualification, fines, etc.)
  • Support vehicles are obliged to pay the road tolls where applicable
  • Repairing flat tire/s or any other mechanical fault, is the responsibility of participant. Neutral Service IS provided by P.E.P.A. but cannot assure with certainty the availability/position of the vehicle at any given time
  • Water and Food supplies are provided free to all participants in the Control Points only
  • Food/water will be provided ONLY to the athletes and not to their support teams or attendants
  • Take care of garbage, do not pollute the route from where the event passes. Keep the environment clean!


  • The first supply stop will be in Corinth, @76km, shortly after the Isthmus Canal bridge (Google map LINK)
  • In the town of Argos, the peloton will pass thru the main street of the city – to the left of the church – direction-> Nafplio (Google map LINK)
  • The cyclists when arrive the Myloi (Mills) supply and control point must stop to stamp [probably get food and water too] their card and continue the race direction -> Tripolis
  • At Tripoli control point is at the ΜΟΥΡΓΕΛΑΣ ΨΩΜΙ & ΚΑΦΕ (MOURGELAS Bread & Coffee) right after the train crossing and CLOSES at 17:00 (Google map LINK)
    • After 17:00 athletes arriving to the Tripolis control point, will be scratched from the race and MUST hand their race numbers to the race officials. If they want to continue their journey out of the official race they are on their own, and P.E.P.A. is not responsible for them
    • Alternatively, they can board the “broom” van of the race that will bring them to Sparta
  • Arriving at the 235klm towards Sparta, follow the old road to the left, direction “VOUTIANI” and NOT the new road to the tunnels (Sellasia intersection). There will be signal marks on the tarmac (Google map LINK)
  • The Sparta finish is located in front of the Municipal Stadium, @the king Leonidas statue (Google map LINK)


  • Arriving at the finish point, you must immediately hand your card to the secretariat in order to scan and register your time with P.E.P.A.’s new QR system. So, be sure to keep your card clean for the camera to read the QR Code. You are solely responsible for correctly registering your arrival time and for that check your arrival time written on your Card before signing the card
    • Finishers who will not be present at the Medal Awards Ceremony will receive the commemorative medal of the 34th Spartakiada from the club’s office. No medals will be given delegates, friends, etc.
    • Those who did not finish in time (OTL) are entitled to a medal too at the medal awards ceremony

Welcome and we want you to have a GREAT RIDE!

Inquiries: info [at] pepa.gr ** Additional info (in Greek only): http://www.pepa.gr