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2019, Wilhelm S.’s, -from Swiss- first year’s impression and comments

Dear “Pepa”,

thank you for the Spartakiada 2019.

Especially the closing of the roads and at the crossroads for the riders was excellent. The race stewarts with the motorcycles were very helpful, too. Thank them from me.

But unfortunately you didn’t publish a ranking list for all drivers and as well no one for the categories (for example 60+). I am absolutely sure that most of the riders would value this – especially the riders who tried to be at the head of the race. And believe me it was a race, not only a nice tour.

I hope you will publish these rankings yet. Thank you very much.

Best regards
Dr. Wilhelm Siebert, Switzerland

Note: We did publish the results by Age Group, following his kind request!

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Steve’s short Testimonial for 2014 Spartakiada

I loved this sportive! Departing the Kallimarmaro stadium at dawn and riding out of Athens past the Parthenon is a wonderful start. Averaging 30kph plus as a moto-escorted peloton we reach the coast and head on smooth undulating highways 85km to Corinth. After a feed stop the peloton splits as we head past the ancient city of Mycenae and into the hills, each sizable group attracting a moto outrider. The climbs are smooth and not steep and the views well worth stopping for if scoring a good time isn’t high on the agenda. A fast swooping descent into Sparta completes the course which at 257kms and nearly 3.000m of climbing is a challenge worth aiming at and being in October extends the European season by just a few more weeks. The police close the roads as they see the splintered groups arriving and there is a fine welcome at the finish, sited at the edge of the ancient city itself. Yes, This Is Sparta. At last!

After thanking my fellow riders, I followed tradition and bent to kiss the shiny toe of the Leonidas statue which dominates the finish line. The inscription couldn’t be more apt: “Molon Lave” or “Come and Take”

By Steve. Brighton, 2014

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Another testimonial by Colleen McGuire in her Blog at

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