There are a couple of opinions about Spartakiada …
… some call it a RACE…

… some call it a RIDE …

… some want it to be a Grand Fondo…

… for some is fast Brevet!

For the creators of this cycling journey is considered as the “jubilation of cycling”!

This is the reason that every finisher -even an OTL- is awarded a Finisher’s Medal and the participants in the P.E.P.A. Championship they ALL receive 10 points (if they compete in the P.E.P.A. Cycling Racing Championship) if the do finish within 12 hours from the start.

But as a participant from Suisse noted “it is not fair not to publish, at least, a results list by age group”. So there it is for the 33rd Spartakiada 2022 (in .pdf format -download or open in a new Tab)

So some data:
* Registered athletes: 328
* Started: 321
* DNF: 12, and
– The Usual Alphabetical List
– The Age Groups List